Interior design

One-stop Guide to Design Budget Savvy Interiors

Living on a basic salary in a flat but want to make it feel like yours? Or want to turn up a boring workspace into a lively one without a lot of effort? We are all inclined towards changing the vibe around us like the pictures we see on social media. But not always do our pockets allow a lavish spending budget on luxurious interiors. However, we designers are always here to help you make the interiors of houses or workspaces look beautiful, cozy, lively, and vibrant without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips for when you decide on revamping any of your interior spaces.

Re-purpose your Old Furniture!

Reuse and repurpose:

Instead of throwing away old furniture or material, putting in a little effort can give it new life. Repurposed furniture is a new trend today.

  • An old bench can be sanded, polished, and painted to be kept both in the interiors and exteriors.
  • Old metal chairs and tables can be redone by adding a new color. New cushion, or maybe just a glass on top of the table gives it a neo-classical feel. 
  • You can use old glass jars or bottles instead of throwing them to plant small indoor plants. Use them on your dining table as an interior styling element or just for storage in your kitchen!
Choose the Right Color Palette!

Crucial Color Palette:

Color is the basic necessity of any space, therefore decide the color palette critically instead of going with one single color. You will anyway end up spending the same on that. Might as well spend on a color palette that’ll bring out the best of your interiors

  • Decide a color palette for your space wisely as that holds the entire place together.
  • Light colors can be used to lighten up a dull room without natural light.
  • Try to use pop colors on one of your walls. Maybe even bring in pop colored furniture to create an accent in a particular space. Bright color creates focus and seeks attention away from unwanted things.
  • Do not be reluctant in using dark colors on one of your walls in large rooms for a cozier feel!
  • Creating a few interesting patterns on a wall with paint can also a great option for an easy going makeover for any room!
Bring your Interiors to Life with use of Plants!

Go Green:

The interior landscape is the easiest way to up your aesthetic game. Green can bring life to both, your interiors and exteriors.

Myth: The carbon dioxide plants release at night is harmful for you.

Truth: No it isn’t! Research says that the amount of carbon-di-oxide humans release is way more than that of what plants release at night. Therefore, basically your own breathing is a lot more harmful to you than ten plants in your room!

  • Indoor plants like money plant, snake plant, succulents, palms, or figs bring your spaces to life! Just a little water and minimal sunlight are all they need.
  • In some cases composing several plants and pebbles in your home, influenced by the Zen gardens, develops a beautiful interior landscape to sit around.
Go Minimal with your Interiors!

Choose the minimal lifestyle:

I’m sure there have been times our parents have told us to throw away things we don’t need. The time has finally come, do it now!

  • Minimalism makes interior styling easier and makes your prized possessions shine out.
  • It makes your room or home look much more spacious, thus, enhancing what’s significant.
  • The materials, their textures in the interiors of houses, or important things in a workspace are immediately observed when there is less clutter.
  • It’s a lot more functional way of living life along with being soothing to the eyes.

It’s all in the details:

Before hiring any interior design services, focusing on small details during the construction of your space can make a huge difference in the appearance of your rooms at very minimal costs.

  • Crown moldings in the ceiling, a pelmet for curtain rods, or a small groove above the skirting could help enhance the look of any room to a great extent at a very basic cost.
  • Use cheaper material. Instead of cladding your walls with expensive stone, you should go for textured plastering techniques or colored lime washes!
  • If you are revamping your interiors in a small budget, hardware finishes like the knobs of drawers and handles of doors can be replaced with designer ones or antique ones from a small hardware store, antique shops or a flea market! These small details change the complete feel. You can find heavy-duty, beautiful-looking drawer knobs and handles at affordable prices, giving your home the interior solutions you desire.
Curtains can bring about a Huge Change!


Curtains are an unnoticed accessory. They change the entire look of your space and make your home look very luxurious. Moreover, it all can be done without an immense amount of expense.

  • The colors and pleats of curtains are the keys to uplift the ambiance.
  • Pick light-colored and tailor pleated curtains for an elegant look in a well-lit room.
  • Introducing heavy, dark-colored ones in the room where you want to a comfortable and relaxing feel.
Entirely chance your interiors with use of Lights!


Lighting is a crucial part of any space and a basic necessity. Moreover, be it an office space or a bedroom, lighting is one of the most basic interior solutions that could change the whole experience of your place.

  • Buy warm-toned tube lights instead of the regular snow-white ones for the dining and drawing rooms. They give a very luxurious feel to the spaces, without any difference in the cost as such.
  • Adding up an antique corner lamp elevates the ambiance of any living or drawing-room. Moreover, you can easily get a cheap one, off any online shopping site.
  • If you have a study or office, a bright natural white toned reading lamp above your table is a must. The natural white light will make the space brighter and will enhance your table!
  • The easiest hack to an appealing, and most importantly, a social media-worthy picture of your room is Fairy Lights! No doubt fairy lights make any space look a little bit dreamy. Hang them behind or above your bed, or in a corner, inside a few colorful jars. They surely do make every place look cute!
Create Something of your Own!

DIY Ideas:

DIY is the best way to accessorizing your home without spending anything. Here are a few easy DIY ideas for you:

  • Compose different sizes of frames on one wall that’s been empty for ages. Put up your favorite pictures of your family and childhood. Moreover, you can even just frame prints of your favorite music albums or country maps.
  • DIY artworks are a great option. There are a ton of easy Youtube videos that you can refer to make modern art pieces, even if you aren’t an artist!
  • Use old glass/ plastic bottles and jars to pot plants.
  • You could use old worn out tyres to make small, low rise seating by covering them with old fabric or jute strings.
  • Glass jars readily available and can be used to store colorful spices or cereal in them on your display!
  • For a workplace, you could get a 1″ x 1″ wire mesh, and oil paint it a beautiful color. Thereafter, you can hang it up on your wall to clip important notes or papers on it.

Let a Professional Take over:

This is one of the wisest ideas ever. There are times when you think you can do the entire interior architecture by yourself. However, that would not turn into a good idea for all! Professionals know where to get you the stuff that fits both, your house and your budget! If you want to spend wisely and do not want to mess up anything, spending on the right interior design services is the best option. There are a lot of young architects and interior designers out there who can do wonders for your space even at a low budget.