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With endless design ideas in our mind but limited materials, Corian can be a solution to all our dreams. Corian solid surface or acrylic solid surface is an easy solution to turn an idea into reality with elegance. Pure in solidity, power, and versatile behavior makes Corian adaptable for any concept or shape without much effort.


Available in various innovative patterns and enduring colors, the material is suitable for both interiors and exteriors. Corian is comfortable for any kind of environment whether humid or dry, making it the perfect material for use.

Whether it’s an easy-care countertop or a beautiful wall design, Corian is the go-to material for all uses.

A Seamless Corian Countertop



Corian is a man-made material composed of a mixture of 33% acrylic polymer and 66% natural minerals. Alumina Trihydrate is the main ingredient that is used in making aluminium.

Corian can be molded in any shape 2d or 3d by heating it to the correct temperature. Then it is placed in a metal or wooden mold of the desired shape. It is then ‘vacuum packed’ until it sets. This process is called thermoforming.


Corian is generally available in rectangular sheets of 12mm and 6mm thickness. There are two sizes available for 12mm thickness, 760mm x 3680mm, and 910mm x 3680mm. 6mm thickness is available only for few colors that measures 760mm x 2490mm.

Various Color Combinations and Textures of Corian


Like any other material Corian too have many Pros and cons but it turns out to be pretty well overall.


  • Design possibilities: It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Therefore, Corian can be used for all of your design themes. The color of the material does not fade from wear and tear. No other worktop material has the design flexibility, texture, and inlays like Corian.
  • Stain-free: The material is easy to clean and leaves no stain if any food or drink is spilled out. Being non-porous it is also free from bacteria, thus making it very hygienic.
  • Water Resistant: Corian can be used even for kitchen sinks, drain boards, and backsplashes.
  • Flexible: It is the only material that can be molded in any desirable shape. Corian is the material to shape your dreams.
  • Translucency: The lighter shades are translucent which increases the beauty of the product.
  • Durable: It is durable and very easy to maintain. The material is also sunlight resistant.
  • Cost-effective: It is cheaper as compared to quartz and granite and definitely with better benefits.
  • Seamless: Due to the absence of visible joints, Corian gives a very smooth touch.
  • Charging surface: Corian can power up your smartphones and tablets with the help of a hidden transmitter.
  • Easy maintenance: In case of any damages, it can be easily repaired.
  • Combination with other materials: Corian can be easily merged with other materials. Some of its most common combinations are glass, metal, and textiles.


  • Prone to heat: Corian cannot withstand direct heat, so any hot objects cannot be placed directly on Corian tops.
  • Scratches: It may dent easily if a heavy object falls but can be easily repaired. If used as a tabletop it cannot be treated directly as a cutting board as the scratches stay permanently.
Corian can be moulded into any shape you Desire!

Core Uses:

Corian for countertops is generally what we know but it can be used in many ways. So, what are all the stunning possibilities of Corian?

  • Kitchen– Corian kitchen counters, sinks, and backsplashes are trendy these days. With the continuous flow of a single material the kitchens have a smooth look and are seamless.
  • Bathrooms- With so many color and pattern options Corian can be used for bathroom partitions and replace the wall tiles. It can also be used for the basin as they are stain free.
  • Educational and commercial appliances- Corian for schools and colleges can bring out innovative designs. It can be used for classroom desks, work surfaces in labs, and most common is Corian for countertops of all types.
  • Healthcare and hospitality- Corian for hospitals, clinics, and food services is a good solution as it is bacteria-free.

Other than this Corian can be used in many more appliances. Let’s have a look at them.

A Kitchen Countertop in Corian

Some More Creative Uses:

  • Interior wall surfaces: Such beautiful colors and patterns are a great option to create beautiful walls for your interior. The inlay option can bring out a unique and stunning effect.
  • Artworks: Corian solid surface can also be used to make household objects, ornamentations and beautiful wall hangings.
  • Lighting: This beautiful material can be turned into breathtaking lighting designs. Light colors are suitable for lighting products and works best with backlit. Lights reveal the luminosity and the depth of the Corian giving it a classy look.
  • Furnishing: As it can be easily molded in any desired shape; it can be used for all furniture types. The inlay properties make the innovative use of Corian for seatings, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, and many other objects.
  • Exterior Cladding: We all desire for unique facades with different shapes and easy working, Corian is the answer. It is not affected by environmental conditions and so is durable for outdoors too.
  • Staircases: It can also be used in the staircase; the material is strong enough to carry the weight of a human being. You can also be all creative with the railing.

There are so many possibilities of Corian and it’s in the hands of architects and designers to use this limitless material without any limit to their imagination. It is just a solid piece; it’s you who shapes it and uses it uniquely.