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Easily Available Indoor Plants to keep your Home Healthy and Fresh

Including indoor air purifying plants to provide a fresh touch to your home décor as well as making the environment fresh can be a really good idea. However, most of the people out there get confused while selecting the right plants for their home. Even if they do, giving them proper care and nutrition become really important. Here is a list of easily available indoor plants for you which can rejuvenate your mode interiors. Forget not!, the fresh feel and the soothing environment!

1.Areca Palm: Areca palm is readily available and flourishes easily in most of the climatic conditions if taken proper care of. Not only does it increases the beauty of any room but also stands as a statement for your home interiors. It is also specified as one of the best air purifying plants for indoors.

Care Tips:

  • Areca Palm can grow really big is placed in a bigger pot. Use a substantially smaller pot to maintain its height for interiors.
  • Excess of water can kill the plant. Water it moderately and keep it at a place which receives proper natural light.
  • Keep the plantation soil a bit moist during the warmer seasons. Keep it dry during the winters and other cooler seasons.

2. Golden Scindapsus: More commonly known as the money plant or pothos, it is the most commonly seen indoor plant. They require very little care and can survive easily in almost any weather condition. They are also good air purifiers and provide a lively look.

Care Tips:

  • Pothos can survive even in moderate indirect, as well as low lighting. They can even be used for beautifying your bathroom.
  • It could be toxic to infants as well as pets, so beware!

3. Ferns: Ferns can grow up to any desired size, thus shapes up pretty well to complement your interiors. They are very effective in humid places and can also survive in low light. Ferns are known to consume toxic gases such as xylene and toluene from the surroundings.

Care Tips:

  • They can shed a lot of leaves in particular seasons Place them at a place which is easily accessible.
  • Their roots can easily rot. Keep them in a pot with pores so that the excess of water can seep out easily.

4. Succulents: Succulents are beautiful and hit right on stop for starting off an interesting talk with your guests. These small little plants are known for purifying the air and adding fresh oxygen to its surroundings. They are also known to increase your focus as well as pain tolerance. Succulents are available in a number of varieties and are readily available.

Care Tips:

  • Keep them only in well-lit rooms.
  • They are mostly maintenance-free, however, an excess of water might kill your beloved plant.

5. Dracaena: The exotic look of this big leaved plant becomes the focal point of any given room. They grow well in moderately as well as highly-lit indoors. Its shiny leaves and glossy color patterns catch the eye of any person entering the room.

Care Tips:

  • It could be poisonous to your pets. Keep it away from their reach.
  • Presence of fluoride in water can have a bad effect on the plant’s health.

6. Rubber Plant: Rubber plants should be kept only in well-lit areas. You can choose from the variety of rubber plants ranging from dark green to light green leaves. Match them with your room interiors. The Rubber plant is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness into a household.

Care Tips:

  • It requires regular watering to keep the soil moist.
  • Direct contact to rubber plant leaves can be toxic and triggers irritation.
  • Do not place them near air conditioners or heaters as they are not adaptive with instant temperature changes.

Strategically placing lush green indoor plants for interior design inside your home can bring happiness to your household. Not only does it makes the air quality better but also gives you a freshening feel whenever you see them. Placing beautiful indoor plants can provide your home interiors with a great ambiance and provide a welcoming feel for one and all.