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Step by Step Guide to Design the Perfect Modular Kitchen

The kitchen plays one of the most important roles in any household. Therefore, designing and implementing each and everything perfectly is really important. Not only you need your kitchen to catch the eyes of each guest entering your house, but want it to be equally functional. Here is a step by step guide for you to design a kitchen which would fulfil all your requirements.

  • Designating the Kitchen Triangle: The Kitchen triangle consists of three most important components required for modular kitchen design, the refrigerator, hob, and the sink. The space between these three stations needs to be as efficient as possible and interruption-free. The space between them, including the kitchen drawers, cabinets, and shelves need to be designed accordingly. You can draw a rough sketch of your kitchen layout showing the relationship between these three components to start off with.
The kitchen triangle
  • The Kitchen Cabinet: The ideal height of the kitchen cabinet varies from 820mm to 900mm. Another point to be kept in mind is the relation between the countertop and the cabinet above it. It should not be too less, as it could affect your workability with the hob. Neither should be too much, as it would become difficult to reach. Most ideal materials to be used as a countertop are granites, marble, quartz, and treated laminates.
Kitchen cabinets with a floating effect
  • Color Selection: Go in with your instinct and pick your favourite color combination. However, before picking a pure white kitchen color, do remember that it would require a lot of regular maintenance. You might also not want to use a lot of bright colors is it might attract a lot of heat during the warmer days. Pick a combination of colors which is easy to clean and complements your overall home décor.
Black countertop for a maintenance-free kitchen
  • Safety: Safety is one of the most important components to be taken care of while designing a Kitchen. Assure to make your gas pipeline leak-proof and make your counter top’s edges rounded and smooth. Also, select flooring which is skid-resistant, and stain proof. Keep all your Electrical appliances at a safe distance from the stove as well as the sink.
  • Proper Ventilation: A poorly ventilated kitchen brings in a lot of problems. Quick roof stains, suffocating environment, and the consistent smell is some of them. Installation of a proper exhaust system or chimney or both is really important to keep your kitchen well ventilated. A door which opens up into a lawn, balcony, or the washing area is a great plus. Keep your kitchen windows and door open whenever not in use to let the air circulate properly.
Kitchen with wide openable windows
  • Lighting: Nothing can beat the soothing effect of natural light peeping in through windows and vents into your kitchen. However, proper lighting over the countertop is of crucial importance. To give a better look to your kitchen at night, you can go in for lights under your kitchen cabinet. It would provide a great ambience to your kitchen along with a floating effect, making your kitchen look bigger.
Kitchen island with warm white pendant lights
  • Disposal System: You need to have a proper trashing system for your kitchen. Always use two trash cans, one for your wet waste, and another for dry. Secondly, use smaller dustbins for your kitchen to prevent the accumulation of waste. You can bring in the use of a bigger dustbin placed outside in an open space to regularly dispose-off the smaller dustbins. You can also go in for a detachable, in-built trash can inside your cabinet to hide it from the public eye.

Follow the above mentioned steps one by one, and we assure you a picture-perfect modular kitchen. Each of the above mentioned points plays an important role in proper functioning as well as the outlook of your kitchen. If you follow the above mentioned points efficiently, we assure you a happy and satisfied kitchen experience throughout your life.