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10 ideas to design a Perfect Kitchen

Pictorial presentation of all the kitchen elements
Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay

The kitchen is the most important part of your home, thus planning about the kitchen interior design is crucial. Unless you own a perfect kitchen, you will not get the right vibe of preparing your food happily. A clean and healthy kitchen not only enhances your mood but also helps you in maintaining good hygiene. If you are getting arduous to furnish your kitchen a grand look, you can grab some concepts from the below-mentioned tips-

  1. Start from the basic

When it comes to providing a new look to your household, most of you get confused about where to start first. If you are feeling the same in case of designing your kitchen interior, start from its outline planning. Plan out where you want to place your kitchen appliances, your refrigerator, kitchen shelves and every other attribute in your kitchen. Here are a few guidelines that you can refer to-

  1. Try arranging the refrigerator, sink and cooktop in a triangular pattern with each side of the triangle should range from 4–9ft.
  2. The sum of all sides of the triangle should not exceed 26ft.
  3. You must always place the kitchen sink away from the oven.
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

2. Plan the outline of your kitchen walkways

Another essential thing that you are ought to notice about your kitchen interiors is the width of the kitchen walkways. Narrow or extremely wide kitchen walkways look peculiar. Hence, ensure that the overall width of your kitchen path must be 36 inches. The ways near the cooking zone of your kitchen where the oven is placed must secure a width of 42 inches. This is the ideal planning of the kitchen paths, hence try to maintain it.

3. Sort out the objects

One most common problem found in most of the kitchens is the pile of useless materials. Those things are nothing but rubbish in your kitchen. So, make sure to clear them out. The very next thing that you must mark is where to keep the perfect utensils.  Doing this will not only help you get rid of the unnecessary clutter but will also help you in deciding the number of cabinets and drawers required in your kitchen.

4. Keep the drawers at the right height

When you opt to think about the kitchen interior design ideas, you must think about both the aesthetics of your kitchen along with convenience. In conventional kitchens, the drawers or the kitchen cabinets are placed under the counter which makes you bend every time you need something from those drawers. Thus, make sure to have those drawers or cabinets at the right range where you can access frequently required items rightfully without any trouble. You can opt to install tall cabinets separately in your kitchen. These cabinets are extremely useful as they can fit in almost every kitchen and also have enormous space to store your kitchen gears efficiently.

Picture showing the apt height of cabinets and drawers.
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

5. Design the kitchen walls

Color tends to fade away after a certain period. The color of your kitchen walls catches more dark spots and discoloring than the other parts of your home. It is because of the smoke and evaporation that form due to cooking. Dull and pale wall color decreases the whole appeal of the kitchen. You can opt to adorn the kitchen walls with beautiful tiles. The tiles are easily cleanable. Moreover, it will stay intact for long.  

However, while choosing the tile, prefer the shades of white and different shades of yellows. Do not forget to choose among the lighter shades. The soft color helps in passing the light properly to each corner of the kitchen.

 6. Adorn your kitchen with a chimney              

The best present that you can offer to your kitchen is a chimney. While chalking out the kitchen interior design ideas, installing a kitchen chimney is the paramount thing to undertake. The price of the kitchen chimney can be a little high but its contribution is mind-blowing. It assists in keeping the kitchen color intact.

 Apart from that, the appliance maintains a healthy atmosphere in the kitchen. It soaks up all the intense smell of the spices, smoke and provides you with a fresh smoke-free hygienic kitchen.

7. Check out the countertops

Having countertops at your kitchen makes cooking easier. Thus, when thinking about shaping your kitchen interiors perfectly, plan to have more countertops. Granite countertops look marvellous in kitchens. They are durable and hold their shine for the utmost time.

Picture showing countertop, granite and flooring.
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

  8. Design your kitchen flooring

Another suitable idea of kitchen interior design includes crafting your kitchen flooring. The floors of your kitchen must look clean healthy and feel smooth to your feet. Hence, you can adorn your kitchen with marble stone or other beautiful tiles. Both the marble and tile flooring are easy to clean. If you are ready to spend a few more pennies, you can design your kitchen with wooden flooring.

9. Check out the interior lights of your kitchen

Dull and dim lights make your kitchen appears small and untidy. Along with that, low lights at the kitchen make it difficult for you to find out the kitchen gears. Thus, always prefer to figure your kitchen interior with bright lights. You can try-out LED lighting in your kitchen as it is both beneficial and economical. Other widely popular options such as pendant lighting, task lighting and under-counter strip lighting can enhance the sophistication of your kitchen. 

10. Alter the kitchen curtains regularly

Dirty kitchen curtains leave an unhealthy impression on your kitchen. Furthermore, the ugly kitchen curtains are unwelcome to your guests as well. Thus, make sure to keep it clean and wash it regularly. If it catches stain, make sure to change it.   

If you consider enhancing your kitchen with the above-mentioned tips, you surely can ace your kitchen interiors without compromising your comfort and aesthetics.