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Bedroom Design Ideas: Creative Room Décor Ideas to Rejuvenate your Bedroom

Bedroom caters as one of the most personal spaces in everyone’s place. Moreover, that’s the only space where you get to spend most of your time, let it be a weekday or a weekend! Not to forget, the bedroom is the only personal space that you get to be what you want to be! Therefore, designing your bedroom to fulfil all your requirements and taste is a must. A tastefully designed bedroom interior can take away all your worries and help you rejoice your day one you get home after a long tiring day. Here are some of the must-follow room décor ideas which might help you out while designing or getting your bedroom redone.

Keep Your Bedroom Colors Light & Bright:

A light shade of blue for a cosy feel

Every bedroom design needs to be airy and full of light. Go in with lighter shades of any hue to make your room look spacious and airy. Moreover, the use of white colors for bedrooms can never go wrong! Moreover, the color of your bedroom can also have a great impact on your mood after a long tiring day. Avoid using an excess of warm colors such as orange, red, etc. Use of cool colors such as blue, green, and violet, with a combination of natural wood liking components and textures, can turn out to be soothing and peaceful.

Bed Placement:

Bed placed close to the window

Beds are usually supposed to be placed centering the back wall. However, if you do not have enough space, pushing the bed to one corner to maximize the walking space can work out for you. Moreover, you get an extra corner just beside your bed to pack it with mood lighting and your favorite posters.

Add Wallpaper:

Bright blue wallpaper for a bold vibe

If you want to give your bedroom a bold vibe, you can cover the headboard wall with wallpaper. This does not only give your bedroom a personalized look but also a focal wall and a feel of warmth to your room. While selecting wallpaper, be assured of getting a pattern or texture which has a large scale. Small scale textures can make your room look too busy and small. If your room is too small, bring in the use of striped wallpapers. It will make your room look wider.

Choose the Flooring:

Wooden flooring with carpet for a rich look

If you need a warm, rich, and cosy look, carpets can never go old. However, they work out well only if cleaned out regularly. In hotter regions, you can go in for natural stone or tiles flooring which would make your room feel cooler and lighter. For warmer regions, nothing can beat the classic wooden flooring with strategically placed rugs to add on to the warmth.

Decorate your Bedroom:

Accessorise your bedroom with Artefacts and lamp

Before starting to buy your bedroom furniture there are quite a lot of things that you might need to consider. Once you are done with finalizing the bedroom colors, wallpaper, and the flooring, the next things you need to consider is the lighting. Bedroom lighting needs to be perfect, neither too bright to kill off a calm mood nor too dull to bring a hindrance to your bedtime reading. Warm White lighting goes in best for a bedroom and creates a soothing effect. Next step is accessorizing your very own bedroom. Throwing in some matching and airy curtains add a feel of richness to the room decor. Adding on accessories such as scented candles, and jute baskets add a feel of class and give it a natural touch.

Choosing the Bedroom Style:

If you want to go in for a particular theme based bedroom interior design, here are some room decor for you to pick from:

Rustic style bedroom
  • Rustic Style: It refers to the architectural style which is derived right from nature. It involves the use of elements such as unprocessed wooden panels, a natural color palette, stone in its original form, and some antique accessories. Do not forget to add in some cosy cushions and elements of fur to further accessorize your room.
Vintage style bedroom
  • Vintage Style Bedroom: Vintage essentially refers to an old, yet classic style. Vintage style goes in best for ones seeking a romantic or feminine touch to their room. Use of wrought iron bed frames, pastel colors, and curved lines are some of the elements of vintage style bedrooms.
Minimalistic bedroom
  • Minimalistic Bedroom: Keeping your bedroom to just bare essential sums up the minimalism. However, minimalistic does not mean boring or dull. However, the use of a monochrome or limited color combinations, straight lines, and limited furniture are some of the elements of a minimalistic bedroom.
DIY bedroom
  • DIY Style Bedroom: If you are into art and want to create something of your own, nothing can beat the same. Outsource the furniture that you require and keep everything else to scratch. Bring in the use of chalkboards, posters, and bare walls to pour out your creativity It would not only create the most personalized of a space but also add a sense of belonging to your very own bedroom.