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3 step guide to designing your own Home Bar

Photo by Moss on Unsplash

Bar counters have become an essential element for every home these days. You don’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic to have a classy bar counter at your home. Bar counter adds up a rich aesthetical value to your space irrespective of the room you have placed it in. These bar counters save you a lot of time which you might have spent walking down the streets in search of a good bar lounge. Next time you wish to take somebody for a drink, you won’t have to go all the way to the bar, instead make one at home! Here are a few tips for you to design your very own bar counter at home.

Photo by hazan aköz ışık from Pexels
  1. Locate your bar counter– Location has a great influence on the shape and size of your bar counter. So it is important to first make sure where you want to place your bar counter. Just make sure to have at least 3 ft. of clear space from the wall to accommodate a bar counter without the back bar. But for the one with a back bar you need a total of 6’ – 8’ from the wall. Home Bars could be placed in any location of your house as per your preferences. A few locations that you can consider are your balcony, terrace, patio, backyard, living room, drawing room, dining room or you can even have a separate room for your bar.


If you are out of space but still want to have a bar counter then you can lookout for some furniture such as a study table, low height storage or any table that you feel, could be converted into a bar counter. After you’ve chosen one just add some wooden shelves  

 If you still couldn’t find one, then you can try putting up shelves on the walls. This is not only space savvy but also budget friendly.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

2. Quantify your drinks– quantifying your drinks is one of the most important steps in designing your home bar. You can make an itinerary for the types and number of drinks you want to store because every bottle has a different diameter and a specific way of how it should be stored. For e.g. Wines are usually laid down either flat or at an angle of 45° whereas, whiskey, gin, vodka bottles are placed vertically. Usually, the bottle diameters range from 2.5”-3.5” and their heights vary from 9”-12”. Performing this step will help you identify the amount of storage you will require. Storage could be either under the bar counter or at the back bar for small spaces. For large spaces, you can have both

3. Plan it out – Here comes the most crucial yet fun part. Now that you have decided the location and quantified your drinks, it is time for you to place them!

  • First, decide the external shapes of your bar counter. Bar counters could be straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, a corner bar, with back storage or without. Make sure to plan according to the availability of your space.
  • If you are willing to have a huge bar at your home then you might want to consider putting up a sink. So to have a sink you will have to ask a plumbing specialist to help you out with the water connection and placement of water drain.
  • If you too are a beer person just like us, then we are sure that you will need some space for refrigeration. Plan out a special corner under the bar counter to place a small fridge where you can store all your cold beverages and beer.
  • Now all you need to do is play around a little bit with the storage spaces. Like we said earlier every bottle has its own different style of storage and size. So play around a little bit with vertical and horizontal shelving. Make sure to have 9”-12” distance between each shelf to accommodate bottles vertically and a minimum diameter of 4” to accommodate bottles horizontally. You can also try the Criss- Cross shelving pattern that is usually used in wine cellars.  For huge bars, you can play around with shelving for your back bar. Try mixing up glass hangers and spaces to keep accessories as well.
Photo by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash

After you are done with the above process, you can try accessorizing your freshly designed home bar. Try adding some warm lights. You can try different finishes for your bar counter to add on to the aesthetics. Though the bar might seem like a small area it involves a lot of technicalities and brainstorming. If you follow the above guide thoroughly, then I think the end results will surely get you high! Cheers!